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An Introduction to Entrepreneurship for Designers

Author: Rhea Alexander

Many young entrepreneurs come to Parsons and then apply to the Parsons Entrepreneurs Lab because of Parson’s reputation as a top design school. They seek to learn the innovative methods of design that businesses like Invision, Unfold (an alumnus of Elab), and AirBnB is successfully using to stay ahead of their competition and create value for their customers. But this article is for those of you who are already designers and might have an idea that you want to turn into a business. You think you want to become an entrepreneur, you want to found a start-up

An Introduction to Strategic Design for Entrepreneurs

Author: Rhea Alexander

Design-led startups are celebrated these days because of their success rate. Companies like Invision, Unfold, and Airbnb were all started by designers and have had a big success. What makes our approach more viable these days than traditional methods? Well, we believe the designerly mindset and design strategies have something to do with it.

If you’re a traditionally-minded business person, these methods might be unfamiliar to you, so let me explain.

What is Strategic Design?

Strategic Design is an approach to solving problems and challenges in everything from business to urban ecologies to social innovation using a combination of design strategies

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